Hydrocephalus Canada

Sponsorship Opportunities

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Build an ongoing partnership with Hydrocephalus Canada through a variety of sponsorship options.

Sponsorship represents a mutually beneficial arrangment between Hydrocephalus Canada and your organization. There are many ways you can help us and make a difference in the lives of those individuals with hydrocephalus and related neurological conditions like spina bifida. Sponsor any of the following activities:

  • Website www.hydrocephalus.ca. www.folicacid.ca (Over 1 million hits annually)
  • CURRENT Magazine (readership of 4,800)
  • Educational and/or promotional materials (distribution of tens of thousands)
  • TGIF Lottery Calendar (3,000 sold)
  • Charity Golf Challenge
  • Spirit Wheel Walk Run event

Benefits of Sponsorship

  • Ad in Current
  • Logo appearing on printed materials
  • Logo and information (including links) on the SB&H website
  • Logo on printed materials
  • Positive promotion of your company's involvement, through press releases, annual reports and Current Magazine
  • Providing additional funds which can be used to assist those living with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus

For further information on becoming a sponsor, call 800-387-1575 or email sbeaudoin@hydrocephalus.ca.