Hydrocephalus Canada

Our Partners

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Our goal is to enhance the quality of life of individuals living with hydrocephalus and/or related neurological conditions and to one day find a cure. Hydrocephalus Canada has benefited from the generosity of corporations and foundations that take a leadership role in the fight for a better life.

The following are our top supporters. Thanks to them, we can continue to provide information services and support programs for children, youth and adults living with the challenges of these complex conditions.



Catherine & Maxwell Meighan Foundation (The)

Edwards Charitable Foundation

Frederick & Douglas Dickson Memorial Foundation (The)

Harold E. Ballard Foundation (The)

Holger & Claudette Kluge Family Foundation (The)

Takla Foundation










Alice and Murray Maitland Foundation

Baskin Financial Services Inc. 

Ganz Family Charitable Foundation (The)

Gary Bluestein Charitable Foundation (The)

George Lunan Foundation

Jackman Foundation

J.P. Bickell Foundation

Parker Garber & Chesney, LLP

Sam Sorbara Charitable Foundation

Shoppers Drug Mart Life Foundation 

TD Bank Group

Ward Family Foundation


We appreciate all contributions and would like to extend a special thank you to the many donors, not identified here, whose support enable us to achieve our goals.

Your generosity gives strength and hope to those in need.

Thank You!