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Adult Hydrocephalus Support Group

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Adult hydro support grp

Support groups are powered by the sharing of common experiences and concerns. They are a collective exchange where you may find answers to your individual questions.

The Adult Hydrocephalus Support Group is a place to find others who know what it's like to be living with hydrocephalus. It is a place where you're not alone. This safe environment sets the stage for mutual support and encouragement, comfort, information exchange and positive feedback. This atmosphere can also provide personal growth, closer inter-personal relationships and increased self-esteem.

Currently, the Association facilitates an active support group for Adults with Hydrocephalus. They meet on the last Wednesday of each month from 5:30-7:30 p.m. You can join us in person at the SB&H offices or join us on the telephone (Toll-Free) from anywhere in Ontario.

For upcoming Adult Hydrocephalus Support group meeting dates please visit our events calendar and select "SB&H events."

If you would like to attend a group or need more information, please contact Steve Kean, Programs & Services Coordinator at skean@sbhao.on.ca or call 800-387-1575 ext. 26.