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Do you want to strengthen muscles or loosen tight muscles or joints? Book your MOTOMED Session at the Ann Johnston Health Station TODAY!

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What is a MOTOmed?

  • It is an exercise bike for people with different levels of mobility

  • The bike provides power assistant to move arms and/or legs for people with decreased or no strength

  • A wheelchair or chair gets placed in front of the device and you can either exercise your arms or legs at one time


Who can use MOTOmed?

  • Everyone!   AJHS-THAC clients and community members – if you are not already a client, you will be asked to complete our intake registration form


When and How can I try MOTOmed?

  • Clients can schedule 30 minute time slots from Monday to Friday

  • A waiver and safety checklist will be asked to be complete by you before using MOTOmed

  • Clients using MOTOmed must be assisted by our attendant or come with your own support person


How to book time to use our MOTOmed?

  • Contact front desk reception 416-486-8666 to schedule your session


For more information, or if you have any questions please feel free to contact me, Anne Crasto, 416-486-8666 ext 263, annec@ajhs.ca