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October is RDSP Month: Do you or someone you know qualify?

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Ending poverty for those living with disabilities is the heart of the work at Plan Institute.

The Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) was first conceptualized by Plan Institute founders and brought into effect by the federal government in 2008, with the intention of addressing the issue of poverty for our most vulnerable citizens.

If you follow Plan Institute, you probably already know that the RDSP is a unique way for individuals to save for the future whereby the government will contribute thousands of dollars over someone's lifetime (up to $90,000). But still, many are unaware of the benefits, or even that it exists.

The most recent statistics show that only about 15% of eligible Canadians have opened RDSPs to date. Thousands who live with disabilities are still missing out on their opportunity to benefit from this one-of-a-kind program.

So if you know someone who is eligible and would benefit from an RDSP, please spread the word and help to end poverty for those who need it most.


For more information:

Call the Plan Institute toll-free hotline if you have more questions about the RDSP or disability planning? Leave  a message and get a friendly callback with answers: 1-844-311-PLAN (7526). 

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Reprinted from The Plan Institute Newsletter