Hydrocephalus Canada

Fun & Games

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SB&H has collected games for you to try online.

Got a game to share?  Send your game file to Provincial@SBHAO.on.ca

Enjoy the following games, puzzles and fun colour pages:

Breaker's Bingo

Play Bingo with Breaker! Match numbers in regular, X, or full card style. As Breaker lists the letter and number, check your card and click to highlight it. Watch Breaker's head bob to the music every time a new number is called. This game is great for developing letter and number recognition skills.

Hope and AC's Boardball

This game is very familiar to any of us who have played table tennis. AC and Hope have lent us their skateboards to use as paddles. Play against the computer for a high score. As the points increase, so does the speed. This game is excellent for hand eye coordination. Scroll down the page to try both skill levels!

Sparky's Obstacle Course

Sparky feels the need for speed. Help him zoom along, but watch out for all the obstacles in his way! Use the up arrow key to move him up, and release it to go down. Use the right arrow key if you want more speed, or the left arrow key if you want less. Make sure you don't crash into the curb, or anything else before you get to the finish line! This game is great for hand eye coordination.

Springtime Fun

Spring is a delightful time, full of bright colours and happy times. We hope these puzzles make you feel like it's a fresh spring day and bring a smile to your face!

Amazing Mazes

Sometimes it's hard to know which way to go... But it's great fun to lose yourself in our Amazing Mazes. Good luck exploring!

Barney Beagle Colouring Pages

These are pictures you can print and colour, featuring Barney Beagle's family & friends. Barney has hydrocephalus and is from the story "Just Like Any Other Beagle" in the Resource library.