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A Guide to Hydrocephalus

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Get your copy of SB&H's "A Guide to Hydrocephalus – Living Life to the Fullest"


The book, which is available in both French and English, includes new and updated information including topics important to people living with hydrocephalus and their caregivers:

  • Hydrocephalus In Young And Middle-Aged Adults
  • Hydrocephalus In Older Adults
  • Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
  • Questions for Healthcare Providers
  • Questions To Ask Before Surgery
  • Treatment
  • Learning Disabilities

These are just a few comments provided by readers who were impressed by our new book, “A Guide to Hydrocephalus - Living Life to the Fullest.”:

“An excellent publication and easy to understand.
Very comprehensive and informative. Thank you.”

“I wish this booklet was available about 10-15 years ago!”

“One of the best I’ve read on hydrocephalus. Very easy to understand and find what I’m looking for.”

The guide is available to SB&H members free of charge. Non-members pay $10. Additional copies are $10.00 each for both members and non-members.

Contact the SB&H office for more information or to order books:

Phone: 416-214-1056 or 800-387-1575
Fax: 416-214-1446
E-mail: provincial@sbhao.on.ca