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Gabby's Gift - Hope in the Heart of a Child

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How much pain can you bear?

Have you ever received the worst news possible---news that would change your life forever?

"Gabby’s Gift" is an inspiring book written by Sharon Ennis, the mother of a child born with spina bifida. Follow this mother’s journey lovingly taken from the emotional pages of her daily journal entries.

In an account that reads almost like a novel, Sharon Ennis tells the true-life story of her daughter Gabby's physical disabilities and needs, and of her own battles and triumphs experienced in dealing with the situation as a mother. Sharon shares with her readers how she has learned to accept what she cannot control and to focus instead on the gift given to her from the start of that incredible journey.



Sharon Ennis was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, the nation's capital. She earned her degree in Broadcast-Television and moved to Toronto to work at CTV Inc.

In 2004, Sharon created a Christian media news outlet, called Images of You (IOU), producing & reporting Christian news and entertainment in Toronto, ON and surrounding cities.

Sharon Ennis is a mother of 4, with a daughter, Gabrielle, who was born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. She has been committed to raising the awareness of these serious disabling conditions.




Order a hard copy of "Gabby's Gift" for $19.99 by calling: 416-659-7429

Order "Gabby's Gift" ebook for $12.00 online. Sharon is generously giving a portion of the proceeds to the Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario.

Check out this new video about GABBY'S GIFT from Roger's TV.

A New Book from Sharon Ennis!

"Gabby wants to be like any other girl, but her "silly feet" make her feel different. She wants to run in a race at school, but is afraid everyone will laugh at her. Then she reads a book about Terry Fox. Will Gabby be brave like Terry-brave enough to run the race? Order "My Silly Feet" to find out.

Sharon is generously giving a portion of the proceeds to the Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario.


2013 Gabby's Gift SWWR a very special event

On Sunday, June 23, 2013, Tom Carrothers, a 67 year old survivor of spina bifida, did something he has never done before. He took his first steps at the 5th Annual Gabby's Gift walk for spina bifida.

Joined by six-year old, Gabrielle Ennis, of Newcastle, Ontario, also born with the condition, Tom has created a momentum that has now created his inspiring legacy.  The benefit walk attracted over 70 supporters led by a drum corp, as they paraded through the town.  What a joy it was to see Tom and Gabrielle walking to help redefine spina bifida in the community. 

In November 2011, it was Tom's wife, Joann, who met Gabrielle and her mother, Sharon, at The Family Christian Bookstore in Burlington, where they were having a book signing for their newly released book, 'Gabby's Gift-Hope in the Heart of a Child'.  JoAnn was eager to share this book with her husband.

In May 2012, Tom and Gabrielle finally met in Burlington, Ontario, following her television interview on 100 Huntley Street. Gabrielle and her mother were very pleased to meet someone who is doing so well after so many years of living with the condition.

Unfortunately, Tom had a rough start in life living with spina bifida. So much so that he found it very difficult to read 'Gabby’s Gift' book. It's a story of Gabrielle’s life focusing on the birth and their journey written by her mother. This book has made Tom aware of what he and his family had experienced in 1945, before all these modern miracles and the development of OHIP.

Today, Tom’s family has also benefited from learning about what he would have experienced and will continue to experience for many years to come. The 'Gabby's Gift' book has been shared by many readers, especially a neighbour of Tom’s, a seven-year old girl named Faith. She too was born with spina bifida.

It was at the 2013 Gabby's Gift walk that Gabrielle's mother launched their newly released children's book called 'My Silly Feet'. It's a children's book based on a true story of Gabrielle running a race. It's a picture book geared at having children appreciate their challenges and differences not only in themselves but also in others.  Tom has had the wonderful pleasure of sharing this children's book with his own grandchildren. Tom freely shares the life story of Gabrielle, talking about her challenges and triumphs. One day soon, it's the hope of Tom and JoAnn for their next generation of kids to meet Gabrielle. They too will see that the hope that lies in Gabrielle is the same hope that shines inside their Grandpa Tom.