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Choosing a Career - Activity #1

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This is really one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. Your school years are the best chance for you to find and take advantage of every opportunity to learn about yourself and your abilities and explore career options.

Ask questions about jobs and read about them. Research different jobs and careers so that you are aware of all that exist. Find out about the kind of training that is required and the availability of jobs in a variety of fields. Start with your interests and then think about possible work options. Use the following tools to help you identify your career interests.

If you are unsure of the type of career that you are interested in then, you are not ready to begin job search. What follows is a self-assessment tool designed to help you identify your skills, abilities and what’s important for you in the career path you choose.


Find Out What You Would Like To Do

1. List any and all career possibilities that you have considered in the past year


2. Check any of the following that describe things you like.

Rules and regulations      
  Being around people
  Working  with my hands
  Helping people
  Research, finding out things
  Contributing to the world
 Working outdoors, not indoors
  Put things in order
  Dealing with machines
  Performing  in front of people
 Working   with “ fine print” details
  Teaching others new things
  Selling things or ideas
 Dealing  with data, numbers
 Figuring out how things work
 Meeting new people
  Getting my hands dirty
 Making beautiful things or make things beautiful
 Building /constructing  things
You may also want to visit career choice websites and take the tests provided.  

3. Highlight the 2- 5 ideal situations which will be important to you in a career.

 Independence, making my own decisions
 Helping/guiding others
 Variety every day
 To not have any unfinished work
 To be done every day when leaving work
 Adequate time to be a parent
 Order
 Predictability, knowing what to expect
 Living close to my extended family
 Enjoyable workplace
 Belonging to a group
 Deadlines
 Rewards for achievement
 Guidance from others
 Adventure and excitement
 Being the centre of attention
 Advancement, going up the career ladder
 An urban setting
 Travel
 Flexible schedule
 Teamwork, working in a group
 Solitude
 Contact with people
 Maternity/paternity leave
 Many things happening at once
 Being in charge
 A quiet, calm environment

Now consider the following:

4. Do your responses for #2 and #3 match the careers you listed in #1?

5. How firm is your career direction right now?

6. Are you listening mostly to yourself or to others regarding career possibilities? Who is influencing your ideas?

7. What kind of lifestyle would you like to have as an adult (consider income level, possessions, recreation, location etc)?

8. Does your lifestyle description for #7 match any of the career possibilities in #1?