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Choosing a Career - Activity #2

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Vocational Assessment

Once you have completed the self assessment above, you will likely have some idea of what you might be good at and what you want to do for a living. A professional vocational assessment is another valuable tool to help you make this important choice for your life. These assessments look at your abilities, aptitudes, and possible training opportunities in a more scientific and concrete way. With the results of the vocational assessment you should be able to describe your ideal career and you will be able to identify if a particular career is right for you or not. They can be done through your Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) office among other places.
Once you’re clear on the type of career that you are interested in, then it’s time to start your job search. You can start by making lists of places that might need someone like you. Many times a person is unaware of jobs or careers that exist.

Before you begin your job search.....

  1. Learn and use an agenda, calendar or your smartphone and computer to schedule your appointments and plan your time.
  2. Establish an organized work area in your home that will have everything you need to respond to advertisements and to follow up on leads.

    Note: when you conduct yourself in an organized manner you will feel more professional and it will be easier to convince potential employers that you possess these qualities.

  3. Learn how to present yourself accurately and effectively on a resume and have your resume printed if possible.
  4. You may have completed the “Who am I?” activity sheet in the first module of this guide. If you skipped that section, you might want to go back now and complete it. You can use the information from that activity sheet to see what you wrote about yourself, abilities, skills or unique talents.

Once you have defined these areas it will become easier for you to find a match between the kind of person you are and the type of work that will be fulfilling to you. If you did not complete “ Who am I” you can access a copy of the activity sheet from our website or by calling SB&H at 416-214-1056