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Choosing a Career - Activity #3

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Beginning Your Job Search

When you begin your job search, use the template below to collect as much information as possible about what you would like in an ideal job.


Action Sheet 1: The ideal Job


First priority:_______________________________________
Other Acceptable areas: ______________________________
Acceptable commuting (travel) distance__________________

Size and Scope of Company

Big corporation or small company: ______________________
Local, national, international (worldwide): ____________________

Type of Industry
Manufacturing, Retail/Sales, Service/Government, Financial, Other

Company Culture (Some companies have a team-based culture with employee participation on all levels, while others have a more traditional and formal management style):__________________________________________________

Management style, Structure (eg. Directive managers like thing done the way they tell you to do it. Other managers focus on creating harmony and team spirit. Most managers don’t always use just one style: ____________________________________________________________________

Kind of direct superior (see above for examples)

What kind of person do I work best with____________________________________

My Job:_____________________________________________

My Activity 
Accounting, administration, data processing, customer service, clerical, selling,

My Level of Responsibility
Assistant to someone, clerical job shop floor worker, supervisor, manager, other:_______________________________________________________

Working Hours
Shift work: YES  NO

Days I would like to work in a week (check off which days of the week you would prefer to work): _M _T _W _T _F _S _S

I want to earn $------------------------------------
I need to earn at least$-----------------------------
I am /am not willing to have part of my pay as commission or bonus

Check off the benefits those are important for you to have:
_ Health  
_ Dental  
_ Long term disability  
_ Child care  
_ Pension plan

The Company
Using the criteria you identified above, and any other thoughts you have, describe your ideal employer.