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Problem Solving - Activity #1

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Everyone finds themselves in problem situations at one time or another. Few problems are simple enough to reduce to one little event. As a matter of fact, a problem may consists of several factors. In this section we learn to identify problems and the steps you can take to solve them.

Understanding the problem situation

Directions: Read the following situations. List several specific factors or problems that contribute to making the entire situation a problem.

1. Everything seemed to be going along fine at the office until a new supervisor was hired. He wanted the employees to work faster, take no personal phone calls while on the job and not talk about things that were not work – related. The entire atmosphere at the office changed. While some workers felt they were pressured unfairly to work harder, others felt rewarded and noticed for their dedication to the company and their performance. Those who liked the new boss were unfriendly to those who did not like the new boss. Every day there were people who talked of quitting, avoided talking to other employees and competing to get attention from the boss.

What problem do you see in this situation? 

2. Angela had been dating Terry for a few weeks. He spends a lot of money on her, taking her out to expensive restaurants and buying her gifts. Angela liked Terry a lot as a friend but wasn’t sure she wanted to get more involved. Terry began pressuring Angela to have sex and when she resisted he became angry and hurt. Angela felt confused and hurt also. Now they are not even talking to each other.

What problem do you see in this situation? 

3.  Almost everyone in your English class cheated on the last assignment. They copied from Richard, who was making money by selling copies to people in the class. You however, did not copy from Richard this time.  The teacher found out what was going on, and was furious. The school board threatened to start expulsion procedures for all the students in the class and parents are in an uproar about it. You think it is unfair for everyone to be punished especially because YOU did not cheat on this assignment. Everyone does it why should the teacher be upset about this one?

What problems do you see in this sitations?