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Problem Solving - Activity #2

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Problem solving steps

  1. Identify the problem
    This is the most difficult and most important step. For example, you may feel that your poor performance at work is the problem, when the real problem is that you’re tired and not able to concentrate on your work.  Identifying the problem could take some time and effort.
  2. List  2 to 3 ideas to solve the problem
    Once you identified your problem come up with 2 to 3 ways to solve it.
  3. Select one of your ideas to solve the problem (the best one for you)
  4. Apply your ideas to try and solve the problem. 
  5. Assess the results 
    Let some time pass. Assess the results of your efforts. Then, find out if the problem is solved. If the problem is solved –great. If not, go to Step 6.
  6. Substitute another idea from the list of problem solving ideas you made in step #2
    If the problem is not resolved continue assessing the results and substitute ideas until you’ve used all the ideas on  your list.
  7. If the problem still exists, utilize other resources. Ask friends, family professionals for solutions and make a list. From this list select one solution and try it for 2 to 3 weeks and follow the same steps to try and solve it. 
  8.  If your problem is still not resolved, then accept that the problem may not be solvable now but you can revisit it another time.