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Reducing Stress - Activity #2

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Sorting out the sources of stress


e.g. Math Class

















1. Draw boxes across a piece of paper. One for each item that is causing stress in your life. Write the name or description of a specific stressor in each of the boxes along the top line.

For example if school is stressing you out, then you need to write down what is it about school that is causing your stress. It could be your math class or where the class room is located. Another example is if your sister is stressing you out then you need to write down what is that she is doing that stresses you. Such as she is invading your privacy.

2. Draw a box under the boxes containing the things that cause you stress. This box represents you. Once you have filled all the boxes on the top line then draw a line from each of the top boxes to the ME box below. 

Now, go back to each line and darken or widen the lines from the boxes that represent the things that stress you the most.