Hydrocephalus Canada

Tween and Teen Resources

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The SB&H Resource Centre provides extensive up-to-date information on spina bifida, hydrocephalus and disability-related topics. We also provide and distribute unique materials such as booklets, kits, videos, and customized information packages.

Where are we? The Resource Centre & Lending Library is located in the SB&H offices, Suite #1006 (10th Floor) at 555 Richmond Street West, 1 block east of Bathurst Street.

Who can access our centre? The Resource Centre is accessible to individuals with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus, their families, educators, health care professionals, students and all other interested persons.

How to Reach Us

The Resource Centre & Lending Library is open to the public, 9am til 5pm daily, Monday thru Friday. Our services can be accessed:

in Person: Suite #1006, 555 Richmond Street West, Toronto
by eMail: provincial@sbhao.on.ca
by Phone: 416-214-1056 or 800-387-1575
by Fax: 416-214-1446
by Mail: 555 Richmond St.W, P.O.Box 103, Ste.1006, Toronto, ON M5V 3B1

Detailed descriptions of all materials available on request.


Miranda and Friends -On a visit with her grandmother, Miranda makes a new friend of the boy next door. The boy has spina bifida, uses crutches and a wheelchair. Together they search for a miser's treasure.

Featherless - This bilingual (English/Spanish) book about a boy with spina bifida and his pet bird is a sparkling story of self-empowerment and friendship. The boy, Tomasito often feels confined to his wheelchair and as flightless and featherless as his pet bird. He soon discovers that he can feel free when he is on the soccer field.

Disabilties, Dragons and Other Magical Discoveries, A Kid’s Guide to Understanding and Living with Disabilties - For and about young people with disabilities. Designed to help you understand your condition, what it means, what you need to know about your health, medical care, social interaction and the future.

Stick Up For Yourself! Every Kid’s Guide to Personal Power and Positive Self-Esteem - For any kid who’s ever been picked on, bossed around or treated unfairly and for any kid who sometimes feels frustrated, angry or scared. Uses simple words and real-life experiences to teach assertiveness, responsibility, relationship skills, choice making, problem solving, goal setting, anger management, self-esteem and more.

Growing Up Feeling Good; A Growing Up Handbook Especially for Kids -For pre-teens and teens that promotes good, positive messages and great tips for communicating how you feel. Discusses how to relate to friends, how to feel more confident, teenage sexuality and sexual decision making. Offers ways to deal with the many changes, frustrations, pressures, decisions and day to day experiences that are part of growing up.

A Young Person’s Guide to Living with an Ostomy -Written to help young people understand and cope with their ostomy. Explores pouching systems, skin care, food, clothing, being active, traveling, self-image, dealing with relationships and family.

Kids on Wheels-A Young Person’s Guide to Wheelchair Lifestyle –Kids’ Volume -About kids on wheels living a full life. A life full of fun, friends, family, sports and recreation, fun and games, art, books, school, making friends and fitting in, family, service animals and famous people who use wheelchairs. Also has stories from kids with disabilities, many who have spina bifida.

I’m Wendy Blair, Not a Chair! - Provides a positive message about persons with disabilities for young readers.

The Jordan Series -Series of books for young readers about an independent 11-year-old who uses a wheelchair.
Making Friends with Jordan - Warren, an active, sports-minded boy learns how to include Jordan in a game of basketball.
King Jordan - Jordan's career as an actor is short-lived until friends and neighbours team up with the school to solve the problem.
Harvest Window - Jordan has difficulty coping with his own biases toward other peoples' differences. He and Warren begin to understand the meaning of acceptance.
What He Can't Do - Warren wants to learn to swim, but is afraid of the water. Jordan, who enjoys a sense of freedom in the water, helps him get started.
Some People Can't See - Why can't some adults understand how children feel? A visit to Jordan's self-help group gives insights into the frustrations of limited physical abilities.

TM 3000: The Maiden Voyage -An intriguing, action-packed novel featuring Alice and Sarah, who are twins. Sarah has a disability and uses a wheelchair. When her eccentric doctor gives her a new chair, the sisters are in for a surprise. They soon find themselves on the adventure of a lifetime. For children ages 7-11.

Best Friend on Wheels - About two young girls, who become best friends. They do everything together, from rock collecting, dancing, sleepovers, movies, scrapbooking, and going to the mall. They are two peas in a pod, accept one of them walks and one rolls.